The Phoenix Chapter of ASIS International is pleased to announce that candidates are being sought for the Spring 2017 Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation’s mission is to provide research and scholarship opportunities that promote, enhance and advance the security professional through philanthropic endeavors.  In that spirit, we are pleased to offer one $500 scholarship to a deserving student.

We are currently seeking applicants for the scholarship to be awarded in March 2017. The scholarship packet can be found on the Phoenix Chapter ASIS home page under the ASIS Foundation Tab, Chapter Matching Scholarships. Please note that the Spring scholarship opportunity is sponsored solely by the Phoenix Chapter, therefore no scholarship match is being awarded by ASIS International. The matching scholarship opportunity is offered by the Phoenix Chapter and ASIS International during the Fall semester only.

 Interested candidates must submit the application, a copy of official school transcripts including a cumulative GPA, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or colleague, and a 250-word narrative that describes your plan for a career in the security profession, including degrees and/or professional development courses, applicable memberships, and specific areas of interest. The application/documentation will be judged together and the winner will receive a $500 scholarship. The application/documentation must be submitted to and must be received no later than February 28, 2017.

 We are excited to be able to offer this scholarship and we look forward to the entries.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 602-331-7000 or  


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The Foundation extends support to both members and chapters through a variety of educational scholarships.

University of Phoenix Scholarships

University of Phoenix awards six (6) full-tuition scholarships through the Foundation. Each scholarship will allow a prospective student the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or master’s degree program through the College of Criminal Justice and Security at University of Phoenix.

The Charles H. "Sandy" Davidson IV Memorial Scholarship Webster-ASIS Foundation Scholarships

Webster University awards two (2) full-tuition scholarships to two ASIS members to complete a graduate degree in Business and Organizational Security Management.

ASIS Foundation/Military Liaison Council Certification Scholarship

The ASIS Foundation/Military Liaison Council (MLC) Certification Scholarship was established in 2012 to provide an opportunity for ASIS members who actively serve in military service to pursue ASIS board certification. Scholarships cover the expenses of application, preparation (online review), and testing for the CPP, PCI, or PSP credential.

Chapter Matching Scholarship

These scholarships support ASIS chapters by providing matching funds for an education award to a chapter member or undergraduate or graduate student seeking a security career.

Created so chapters can continuously grant local awards, according to local criteria, these scholarships develop through the growth of protected principal managed by the Foundation.

This annual competition rewards students who conduct research, engage in thoughtful deliberation, and write an academic paper on an issue relevant to the security and assets protection profession.



Achieve your educational goals and further develop and strengthen as a security professional with the support of awards from the Foundation.

All award applications must go through a chapter leader and be endorsed for consideration by the Foundation.

Roy Bordes Award for Physical Security

The Roy Bordes Award for Physical Security pays for one chapter to receive a two-day, locally delivered, customized physical security program.

Allan J. Cross Award

The Allan J. Cross Award pays registration fees for 20 members to attend an ASIS certification review course of their choice.

Matthew Simeone ASIS Award for Public Private Partnership Excellence

The Matthew Simeone ASIS Award recognizes outstanding achievement by members of an ASIS chapter in public private cooperation for public safety. Presented at the Annual Seminar and Exhibits, travel and hotel expenses for winners will be provided.

Timothy J. Walsh APC I Award

The Timothy J. Walsh APC I Award pays the tuition, transportation, and hotel costs for a member to attend an ASIS Assets Protection Course (APC) I.