Chairman's Message

Hello, and happy holiday greetings!
In case you missed it, last week the Phoenix Chapter held its annual Holiday Luncheon at Miele’s Italian Bistro in Mesa.  In addition to a 2018 re-cap, the presentation of awards and scholarships, charities being recognized, and a fantastic lunch, the Chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary as part of ASIS International.  In addition to a running slideshow containing many great photos from the past and present, Chapter patriarch Don Hesselbrock, CPP spoke of some of the dedicated people who helped form the Phoenix Chapter into one of the best in the Society.  Thank you for sharing, Don, and for your own contributions to our Chapter and its continued success over the years.
ASIS Foundation Scholarships were presented to Gary Schell and April Dunlap, both students of Arizona State University, after being selected by the Executive Board for their academic performance and dedication to the security programs at their school.  Congratulations Gary and April!
The Chapter was also honored to present a financial donation to Cheryl Hurd of the Sojourner Center for our ongoing charitable partnership.  The Chapter’s efforts this year at the Sojourner Center once again resulted in taking home the Community Service Award from ASIS International at GSX in Las Vegas this past September.   We are very proud and blessed that we can help such a worthy cause.

We also presented a gift to the one and only Tasha Uhl, a friend of the Chapter who once again gave so much of her time and dedication to our annual Southwest Security Conference.  Thank you Tasha - We could not have done it without you!
Then, in addition to presenting attending Board members with their certificates of appreciation, I was honored to present the 2018 Chairman’s Award.  I established this award last year to recognize a Board member whose dedication and service to the objectives of the Board were above and beyond the normal call of duty – and this year we had two.  The first award went to Steve Norris, who Chairs both the Community Outreach Committee and the Golf Events Committee, for his continuing and outstanding work with our charity partners (see Community Service Award, above), and for many years of fun and successful golf outings here in the Valley.  The second Chairman’s Award went to Steven Bowcut, CPP, PSP, our Houses of Worship Committee Chair, for faithfully and successfully answering the call when the Chapter saw a large increase in church security survey requests due to the terrible mass shooting in a Texas church last November.  Many thanks to both Steve and Steven for their hard work this year!

Finally, we formally installed our 2019 Executive Officers.  Congratulations to your new Executive Board:
                Chairman – Rich Wilson, CPP (Sigma Threat Management)
                Vice-Chairman – Scott Carter (Anderson Security Agency)
                Secretary – Lisa Miller (Covey Security)
                Treasurer – Neftali Lizarraga (Cox Communications)
Please welcome and support them in their new roles!
And with that, the year and the 2018 Executive Board comes to a close.  I can’t thank the team enough – Vice-Chair (and Chair-elect) Rich Wilson, CPPSecretary Derek Oldham, and Treasurer John McGrathCPP for their dedicated service, countless hours of work and support, and for their counsel and guidance during the past year.  And many, many thanks to the rest of the 2018 Board of Directors – your work continues to keep this Chapter as one of the finest in all of ASIS International.  And finally, a big thank you to our Regional leadership, Dave Toon, CPP, Regional Vice-President, and Terry Donnelly, CPP, Assistant Regional Vice-President.

It has been one of the biggest honors of my life to serve ASIS and the Phoenix Chapter as the 2017-2018 Chairman.  It has been a fun, challenging, and very rewarding time, and I’ve grown immensely because of the experience.  I’ve made many new friends, and am honored that I get to work with such talented, dedicated and incredible people.
And that, folks, is what ASIS is all about.  It’s about collaborating with and learning from other corporate security, military, and law enforcement professionals – to become better, to become stronger, to become infallible, all in the on-going effort to protect those in our companies, in our communities and in our world.  I would argue that there is no higher calling, and I am humbled to serve with you all.

Merry Christmas, and have a very safe and happy holiday season!


Jordan Coté, CPP 
Chairman, ASIS – Phoenix Chapter (2017-2018)




Community Outreach


On December 9th the Community Outreach Committee organized a volunteer day at the Sojourner Center. Sojourner is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the United States. They provide secure shelter along with a multitude of services to women, children and their pets who are victims of domestic violence.  The ASIS Phoenix Chapter and Sojourner have been long time partners.  This was the 5th volunteer day this year that the chapter has organized to benefit the Sojourner Center. 

On this day volunteers worked under the direction of Cheryl Hurd, Volunteer Program Manager for Sojourner.  Volunteers included ASIS Phoenix Chapter members, family and friends.  The project for this date was to bring Christmas cheer to the residents by decorating the Crisis Center.  Volunteers spent time assembling a massive Christmas tree and repairing the tree’s lights.  Others strung lights throughout the center, hung decorations and put in some time cleaning the center.  Several of those who assisted brought decorations which they donated to the center.  Those items donated were tree ornaments, wreaths, strings of lights and a Christmas tree.

Chapter members who participated in the event included Rich Wilson, Jordan Cote, Stan Humphries, Steven Bowcut, Steve Norris and  Rod Buckingham.  Buckingham, who was accompanied by his wife, is a member of the ASIS Saskatchewan Chapter.  Although unable to attend, Jeanette Guerra donated a Christmas tree and ornaments.

The Sojourner Center and the ASIS Phoenix Chapter have been long time community partners and the center is one of the beneficiaries of the Chapter’s annual golf outing. The Sojourner Center named the ASIS Phoenix Chapter as their Volunteer Group of the year in 2017.  The Chapter has won the Community Service Award from ASIS International for its’ volunteer work with Sojourner Center in 2016 and 2017.